Qkly Project Management


Qkly Project Management is a platform designed for partners and consultants to help manage their projects and tasks for their clients.

It also has several other features:

  • Assigned dashboards for different departments.
  • Timesheets for logging in your time.
  • Entering in expenses.
  • Quicklist for completed tasks.

My design role on this project:

  • Quicklist style guide.
  • Quicklist page.
  • Time entry page.
  • Project page.
  • Expenses page.
  • Dashboard page.



January 2020 - Ongoing

High Fidelity Mockup - Quicklist

The Quicklist is made for the idea that a user could easily mark off which tasks they were assigned. Almost like a to-do list. The user could add new tasks and filter through created on, due date, and completed date.

This feature would help the user with a simple experience of checking off tasks instead of going through our project page.

Quicklist Style Guide

The Quicklist style guide was made for a developer exercise. We wanted to see if a potential developer could execute the design.

My take on the Quicklist style guide came from the previous style guide that we already had.

I wanted to make it simple with the same fonts and icons that we were already using.

High Fidelity Mockup - Time Entry

The time entry pages were to help our company manage all of the employee's manual time entries. My idea was to have multiple calendar views and help distinguish an account with a certain color:

  • Purple - Sick Leave
  • Green - Regular Time Entry.
  • Blue - Paid Time Off.
  • Orange - Training.

I needed to show the users whether their time was approved or not. I made that available in the right corner of the time entry card.

Adding time entry was a simple add icon that the user would notice to enter their time for that day.

The last feature that I added was to show the user if the time entered was past due. This was a problem at Qkly with users not entering their time in every day.

High Fidelity Mockup - Expenses

I wanted to incorporate the expenses page with the time entry page. Both deal with adding in a certain allotment that would affect payroll of the company.

With this page, I wanted to make sure it would feel the same as the time entry page. The big difference is having the ability to upload an expense receipt through an image. The user or admin could then view the receipt to verify if that was the correct one or not.

High Fidelity Mockup - Organizational Units

The Organizational Units page is meant to have all objects located in directories, or names in a digital certificate hierarchy. It is essentially the admin page for all of the projects and tasks that exists in the company.

This model dealt with regions all around the US. I wanted to incorporate a map feature that would allow the view of the office location in that region. This is a feature that the partners and consultants requested to make their organization a little easier.

Next, it was trying to work out the structure of the page. Starting from the top and the way to the bottom. I started with having the regions on the right-hand side, accounts and departments in the middle, and the project folders to the right.

This page was definitely one of the more confusing and challenging pages. It taught me how a wide-scale business operates with regions scattered all over the United States. It was rewarding to have the company sign off on this project.

Overall Conclusion

It was interesting to bounce back and forth between Qkly Project Management and the Qkly suite.

My main role essentially was to keep this internal application up to speed while trying to design a marketplace and job board.

The Project Management platform was the first piece of design that I had actual feedback on from other employees. It was interesting to hear their feedback and translate that into my design.

The platform is super helpful as well. Everyone in the office uses it every day. Employees enter time and check their projects. It is an all-around product that any business can use to help their company perform.