Qkly People


Qkly People is a platform for users to showcase their work history and to download other user's resumes.

It serves the potential candidate for having their resume and work history posted while hiring managers can view or purchase the candidate's resume.

People has several features:

  • Purchasing several candidates in one purchase.
  • Having the ability to unlock a candidate's profile page.
  • Filtering options.
  • Split-screen view to see more information.

My role in this project was to be the lead designer. Features that I created are:

  • Candidates profile card.
  • Searching options.
  • Filtering.
  • Split-screen view.
  • Purchasing candidates.
  • Advanced searching.
  • Ques for first-time users.

Lead Desinger


July 2020 - Ongoing

High Fidelity Mockup - Candidate Listing

The candidate listing is to show the available candiate's with a variety of filters and a search bar for any service with a location.

The idea is that you can find a certain candidate, purchase that candidate, and once you have done that, you will be able to unlock certain features such as their phone number, email, and resume.

I decided to make this page feel like an e-commerce page. find what you need and purchase quickly. I had the idea of having the cart with everyone familiar with that. That changed to having the cart become the briefcase. This way it would hopefully make the users feel like they were not shopping for a real human.

One feature that I had was to make sure the user did not have to leave the page to look at a user's profile. Once the candidate's card is clicked, you will be able to view that candidate's profile. You can expand that profile or close out of it.

High Fidelity Mockup - Canidate Profile

The candidate's profile is pretty similar to the Marketplace profile page. The main features that I wanted to stand out were:

  • Preferred salary.
  • Unlocking of the profile.

The prefered salary goes along with the transparency of the Qkly suite. It also allows the recruiter or hiring manager to have an idea of what the candidate is looking for salary-wise.

The ability to unlock the profile is critical for the user. Right now you can see that the profile is locked with the email, phone number, and personal portfolio being fuzzed out. Once you can to purchase that candidate, that blocker would not appear.

I also wanted to keep the same feel like all of the other user profiles on the Qkly suite. The only real noticeable difference is that the yearly timelines are highlighted and the skills and certificates are moved to the right side. I felt that the left side would have the most important information for that recruiter to see right away.

High Fidelity Mockup - Briefcase Page

The briefcase page is the main checkout where you can purchase candidates.

I added the option of selecting and deselecting candidates. This way the user could pick and choose if they did not feel like they had the right candidate to purchase.

An automatic resume download would occur once you have purchased your selected candidates.

I like how you can choose which payment method you would like. This would set the platform apart from having to go back to your user's profile and having to set your account payment method.


The People platform is different in the fact that I believe that users have never really used or seen anything like this recruiting tool before. I did not have a ton of feedback just yet and the platform is fairly small. I did just have some minor issues:

  • Getting rid of social media links. I felt that the user should not leave the site.
  • Purchase candidates were not showing up on user's account plan.
  • Wrong linking pages.

Overall Conclusion

The People page is my first lead design project. This recruiting platform is unique in the fact that I haven't seen anything like this.

I just really wanted to design a platform that is fast and efficient.

This platform is relatively new and does not have a ton of user feedback to go with it. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for this. I hope that I re-shaped how recruiters or hiring managers hire future employees.