Qkly Job Board


Qkly Job Board is a platform for users to find world wide jobs, promote their company, or to use as an ATS to help sort out the right candidate

The Job Board is similar to other job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor

The Marketplace is unique from our competition is several ways:

  • Worldwide job postings.
  • Skills listed on the job card.
  • Affordable pay-per-click and sponsored job postings.
  • Showing off your skillset.
  • Quick apply with the user's resume already on file.
  • Built-in ATS system.
  • Promote your company.

My role for this project was to design and figure certain users flows suchs as:

  • Posting a new job.
  • Company profile.
  • Company ATS system.
  • Map feature.
  • Billing and invoices.
  • Landing pages for the website.



July 2020 - Ongoing

Persona - Recent Graduate Student

I first wanted to figure out what emotions a recent graduate student would feel while searching for a job

One of the main considerations was about finding remote jobs in the area the user lived in.

The persona helped us determine that we would need to focus on providing a massive amount of jobs outside the area so that the user could work remotely anywhere in the world.

Persona - Hiring Manager

The hiring manager determined what we would need for our lead features. I knew that I wanted a way for managers to have the ability to check candidates and also implement a way to have their company standout.

Some ideas that I came up with are:

  • Promoting the company.
  • A fair and honest system.
  • Making the company better with high-value candidates.

Low Fidelity Mockups - Company Profile

The first main feature for the company profile design was to figure out where the user would initially look to claim a company that has not been claimed yet.

The second main feature was to showcase the overview of the company, reviews that were left by past and current employees, and the current job listings.

Company pictures were a nice way to promote the culture of your company.

The map portion of this page came after the idea of how to show where multiple addresses were for a certain company.

High Fidelity Mockup - Company Profile

The company profile is a way to promote your company. It is the page that will let potential candidates dive deeper into what your company offers.

The final product consisted of:

  • If your company is active on Qkly. This is a way to have your company claimed and having full participation throughout the Job Board.
  • Link to an actual company website.
  • The number of active employees.
  • Social media links.
  • Toggle through an overview, reviews, and current job postings.
  • Company tags that help highlight the overall company.
  • Description of the company.
  • Company photos to promote their work culture
  • Addresses with the map feature.

High Fidelity Mockup - ATS Feaure

This ATS feature is used for tracking potential candidates. I wanted to give the user the most information about the candidate.

Key features include:

  • Download the candidate's resume.
  • Visible phone number and email.
  • What date the candidate applied on.
  • Veteran status.
  • Disqualify, pend, or next a candidate.
  • Separate the qualified and disqualified candidates.

High Fidelity Mockup - Map Feature

The idea of the map feature is to show the user where the populated jobs are located. The user could see the highlighted jobs and click on those for more information.

I decided to design this feature that would look and feel similar to a real estate site. You could view the main job post with the option of seeing where the job would be located. From there, you could see other potential jobs in the surrounding area.

There is also a commute feature which allows the user to view the time it would take them to get from their departure to their destination.

This feature is just a better way to show where potential job openings are in their desired location. This feature is still new and has not yet made it to the final product.


The Job Board platform became our main source for driving new users and streaming new revenue on the Qkly site. We figured that new users would likely bypass the freelance and header option for a more traditional job search method with a platform such as the job board. This meant that we need to dial in any mistakes.

Issues that we found were:

  • The mobile application is crucial. We only had the desktop version up for users. We needed to make the desktop application responsive for mobile to drive in users.
  • Filtering and searching were issues. Either it was not working or the filtering would come back with wrong results.
  • Linking issues with pages once an action has been initiated.
  • Old pages that are still appearing.

Overall Conclusion

The job board is the most reconizable to users. It's the main platform that users are the most willing to use out of the Qkly suite. The job market is going away from traditional sense and is going towards employees not staying at one job for the rest of their career. That being said, I believe that the Job Board is a sufficent enough platform for a user to apply and get hired for any dream position. They can forget about it and then come right back to it when they need to look again.

For me, it's all making job hunting a better experience overall.